Night at the Movies

I’ll be posting an in-depth article about Spanish cinema on here soon, but I want to include some thoughts on my night at the movie theater here in Salamanca.

  • You need to buy your tickets at a separate building from the theater, which is located across the street. This confused the bejeezus out of me, and I needed to follow an older Spanish couple to the theater. Luckily I got to ask them a few questions.
  • I bought a ticket for The Grand Budapest Hotel, and the sign outside the room said The Grand Budapest Hotel, but the movie that came on was not The Grand Budapest Hotel. Instead it was Fading Gigolo, a movie about a man (John Turturro) whose older friend (Woody Allen) starts pimping him out to various women in a Jewish neighborhood of Brooklyn.
  • No one else in the theater seemed to be confused by this, so I decided to stay and watch and not look like a tourist.
  • There were no previews.
  • I didn’t understand a lot of what was said in the movie, and there were multiple moments where everyone in the room laughed and I sat there wondering what was so funny. But I got the gist of it, and it was pretty fun listening to a Spanish voice actor doing his best version of Woody Allen.
  • This also made me realize how much of a visual medium film really is. I didn’t have to understand most of what of the characters were saying to understand the movie. So much of the meaning comes from expressions, interactions and other visual cues.
  • When the movie ended, I got up and walked out the way I came in, only to have an employee approach me and show me the real exit, which filed everyone out from the theater right onto the street. So much for not looking like a tourist.

Overall, it was a fun experience, and one that I would definitely do again, hopefully when my Spanish has improved.


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