Last Day in Salamanca

Clearly I was having fun, because I can’t believe how fast time has flown since we arrived in Salamanca 10 days ago. I’m feeling bittersweet because I’m excited to experience Madrid, but I know I’ll be leaving behind a place I’ve come to like so much. Salamanca is an amazing city, from the sights to the people that live here. Everyone I’ve met has been friendly and accommodating, from Maria, our tour guide, to my host family. Its the perfect size too–everything is within walking distance and so many of the people here seem to know each other. The weather, aside from the massive amounts of pollen floating in the streets, has been perfect every day since our arrival. What more can I say? Salamanca has been everything I’d imagined and more.

And what better way to properly send it off than with a gallery of pictures from its most beautiful attractions: The Cathedrals of Salamanca. A few days ago we were taken on a tour of both the new and old cathedrals of Salamanca, as well as the “Lover’s Garden” behind them, which is inspired by a love story that Shakespeare may or may not have plagiarized to make Romeo and Juliet. I hope you enjoy these sights from inside and outside the churches as I much as I did.

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