Strange and Royal Happenings

For the most part, yesterday was a great day. I was still riding high off having our news team’s article about the UEFA soccer match published in the Globe, and was looking forward to having a nice picnic in the park with Carlene and her family for her daughter Lila’s birthday. On the way there, Ian, Mackenzie, Carly and I grabbed some burritos to eat on the grass. When we left the store, we saw a girl laying spread-eagled on the sidewalk. I was ready to walk past her, writing her off as some drunk or homeless person. Thankfully, Mackenzie is a more caring person than I am and went closer. Turns out she was in the midst of a seizure. We called 911, and with the help of a couple passersby, managed to get her to come to before the ambulance arrived. It was a surreal moment, and it rattled me for a quite a while.

Luckily, that feeling went away during the birthday picnic. We had cake, pastries and watched Cal play on the playground with people from the group, who looked like they were having more fun than he was at some points. It was a great atmosphere, and its awesome when all of us can hang out together for something fun like that. It really brought my mood around after a disquieting experience earlier in the day.

Today, we took a tour inside the Royal Palace, where the Kings and Queens of Spain used to live until only two generations ago. It was absolutely beautiful. Every room was decorated with gold and silver chandeliers, marble floors, and fresco paintings on the ceiling. I can’t imagine eating my lunch in a room with portraits painted by Goya, or drinking a cup of tea in a room whose walls are made of embroidered silk. Unfortunately there was a rule against taking pictures, and nicely-dressed security guards roamed around making sure that rule was followed. Here are the few I managed to sneak in.


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