Spain is Different: Part 1

When we got here, Carlene warned us not to pitch any “zoo stories”: meaning don’t write stories about how different Europe is from America. That’s just the way it is here, and its not very compelling or interesting for readers to hear about. Luckily, this is not an article, its my blog. So without further ado, Spain is Different, Part 1:

  1. Spanish people do everything later than Americans. They wake up later, go to work later, go to bed later and stay out on weekends until 6 or 7 in the morning. Its incredibly weird and awesome.
  2. Their streetlights have a 30-second countdown during a red light to let cars know when its going to turn green. I guess this is supposed to make things safer, but if it existed in America people would be running red lights with 3 seconds left and probably causing accidents regularly.
  3. Speaking of cars, they’re a lot smaller here. I don’t think I’ve seen more than one SUV and pickup trucks are about as commonplace as pterodactyls.

    Is that a...carbike?

    Is that a…carbike?

  4. They eat bread with every meal. Literally.
  5. Deodorant is not a thing. I asked the person at the supermarket for some and after a lot of confusion one worker managed to show me their one “stick” of the stuff, except its not a stick its like some weird egg-shaped device that leaks out liquid deodorant on you. Its bizarre.

    Not impressed with your deodorant, Spain.

    Not impressed with your deodorant, Spain.

  6. They love soccer here. Like, a lot. To an indescribable degree. Its like Americans’ love for football, baseball, hockey and basketball combined minus their hatred of soccer.

    Soccer rubber duckies...

    Soccer rubber duckies…

  7. Lastly, doorknobs. Why even have them if they don’t turn and why are they in the middle of the door?

    Some things you just can't understand.

    Some things you just can’t understand.



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