The Psychos of Journalism

For my final story, Gina-Maria and I are doing a video package about child obesity here in Spain. It’s a pretty interesting topic, and we’ve been able to get a lot of good information and have set some quality interviews up. However, one unforeseen complication that comes with this topic is the B-roll(the stuff that’s on screen while the interview subjects talk or the voice over is playing) that we need to film. We need to actively seek out fat people, especially fat children, and film them from the neck down. It is a awkward combination of mean, weird and creepy and makes me feel VERY uncomfortable.

dont mind me

I’ve often felt uncomfortable as a journalism student, because you need to be pushy and ask people things that normal, polite people wouldn’t. Its no surprise to me that every “Top Ten Professions for Psychopaths” has journalists in the top three. I’m not saying were all actually psychotic, but this line of work definitely numbs your sympathy when it comes to getting your story. Two non-journalism majors on this trip have already started coming around to our way of thinking. Earlier in the trip, Olivia sent out an email asking if anyone knew someone with a terminal illness for her health story, saying “cancer would be best”. And Emily, a Jewish communications student, said that she wanted the town of  Matajudios or “Kill the Jews” to change their name for the good of humanity, but hoped they wouldn’t for her story about anti-Semitism in Spain. And I don’t blame either one of them. Now, time to film some fat kids.


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