Trip to TV and Radio Station

I was pretty bummed on Tuesday because an interview for our obesity video(which is still in progress) prevented me from going to Radio SER, which everyone said was one of their favorite trips so far. Plus, they all got free souvenir coffee mugs and I love getting free stuff more than anything.

Except maybe funny memes.

Except maybe funny memes.

Luckily, we got to take a trip to RNE (Radio Nacional de España) this morning to check out one of Spain’s most prominent radio and TV stations. I can see why everyone loved the previous radio trip so much. After getting through the seemingly ubiquitous rigamarole of scanning our backpacks and being told we couldn’t take photos–again–the tour was underway. We were able to look in on a number of radio shows, and according to our guide Arturo one of them was the most popular in Spain. Based on how much he and Maria(the two people fluent in Spanish) were laughing, it was also pretty funny.

Behind the scenes at the radio show.

Behind the scenes at the radio show.

We then got to check out a bunch of TV studio sets, with the cameras and lights still operational and waiting for people to appear. The sets were huge and nicely designed, and it was pretty awesome to get such access the sites of some of Spain’s national TV shows. We also got to get a look behind the scenes of a show in progress, and it reminded me of my days working at BNN, a public access TV station in Boston. The director was calling out the cameras to be put on screen and snapping at his assistant director when he wanted it changed, just like my boss David used to do with me. Of course, there were about 1000 times more buttons on the switcher, and three more cameras to deal with, but it really got my nostalgia flowing. It was a great trip, and it was fun seeing fellow journalists in action. I’ll leave off as usual with some guerilla pictures.


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