Final Thoughts….But First

Over the course of the trip, I’ve made fun of myself (and been made fun of) for becoming more and more like a girl. As someone who’s used to living in a fraternity house with seven other guys, constantly hanging out with a group that consists of almost all girls has been a culture shock all its own. It is said that people adopt parts of the cultures that they’re in, and that has certainly been the case. I’ll find myself organically saying things like “am I right, ladies?” or spontaneously singing parts of Celine Dion or Britney Spears songs. One habit that I picked up early on in the trip was the love of selfies. Some people on this trip take more than others–Nicole cough, cough–but almost all the girls on this trip are guilty of selfie-love. So, I thought I’d join in, and the result is this funny, if not slightly disturbing gallery.


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