Preparing for Round Two

I can’t believe I will be back in Spain tomorrow. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind–from finals week to graduating on Friday to Spain in three weeks is a lot to handle. But I’m not complaining. My time in Spain last year during our dialogue was one of the best experiences of my life. I honestly never thought I’d have a chance to go back, especially not so soon. I’m beyond excited to be going back, this time as a teaching assistant.

I’m looking forward to having a different role within the group and I’m even more excited to see what everyone comes up with for their stories. Last year as a group we were able to find some great ones, and now with the added experience of myself, Maria and Carlene I expect that it will be even easier to look for leads. And of course I will be helping everyone as best I can with whatever they need for their stories.

Personally, I will continue to blog throughout the trip and I also hope to write a story or two. I’m hoping to make a documentary about the struggle between the Spanish government and the film industry, which I wrote about for one of my stories last year. It’s going to be an incredible trip.


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