It’s Protest Season Again

First of all, it’s great to be back in Spain. I’m not going to say that Spain is a better country than the United States, but, it’s definitely better to look at. I mean even the first terminal of the airport looks like it could be the inside of art gallery.

Spain wastes no time showing off.

Spain wastes no time showing off.

Beautiful sights are commonplace here, and apparently so are protests. Just like last year, in my first week here I stumbled upon a protest happening right outside our school. Actually they pretty much marched right down our throats, and myself, Maria and a bunch of the students came along for the ride. They marched down to the Arc of Triumph, which made for some pretty cool pictures.


Besides being more commonplace, the protests here are much more organized and passionate than the ones I’ve seen in the U.S. We learned that the students were protesting the government’s law that instead of doing four years of college, they must now do three undergrad and two for a masters, which is more expensive. Maybe the stereotype that Catalans are cheap has some merit, because there were a LOT of them. Proof is this time-lapse that I took while the procession walked by. If you look closely you can actually see their “what the hell is this kid doing” expressions.


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