Arrival of the Man with the Man-Bun

I’d have to describe the first weekend of round two in Spain the same way I describe my daily dinners to my host madre: muy bien. Our first excursion was to the Dali Museum and then to Girona, a city about an hour north of Barcelona. Both of them were special in their own way–Girona with its floral displays and panoramic views and Dali’s museum with its surrealist paintings, sculptures and god-knows-whats.  And when I say Dali’s museum, I mean it really is all his own: he chose the site, designated the location of all the artwork, and is even buried in the lower levels. I’ve never been to a museum like it and I doubt I ever will. I could have done without the pollen in Girona, but other than that it was awesome. Pics to prove it happened:

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This weekend was also great because my man-bun sporting childhood friend Greeni came to visit me while on a four-day weekend off from his work in Switzerland(he works for a company that makes a machine that turns these special K-Cups into tortillas–yes its a real thing). We went out a couple nights, and finished off the weekend today with a solid beach day, something I didn’t get a chance to do last time around. We’re both lobsters now, but it was well worth it and I’ll be going back next chance I get.



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