Tour City

My fans (Mom) are concerned that I haven’t blogged in a while, so here we go. This week has been pretty busy, especially for everyone who has to get interviews and get their stories together. I feel their pain; I was in their shoes last year and it’s not easy. But it’s well worth it when it inevitably comes together and you realize you’ve written a story in a foreign country. We’ve also had a tour nearly every day, which has made it even more difficult to have time to write (and for me, edit) the stories. Still, we have two up on the site and at the very least three will be done today.

We went to the beach one day, the next day saw La Sagrada Famillia’s inside, which I had seen last year but still blew me away. My favorite tour this week though was led by my dude Stuart, who took us to Plaza Espanya and then Montjuic fortress, which is on a hill that overlooks all of Barcelona. The view was incredible, and I was shocked how much La Sagrada Familia shoots out of the surrounding area. You can sort of see what I’m talking about in this photo.

Red circle added.

Red circle added.

We then walked to the Olympic Stadium, which was cool because I didn’t get a chance to visit it last year. Stuart knows a ton about all of the buildings and the famous architects that built them (sidenote: either I need to study architects a LOT more, or Stuart is throwing the word ‘famous’ around a little bit too much). I need to get back to getting the blog populated with stories, so I’ll end with the rest of the pictures from that tour.


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