Points of View

I told myself I’d blog every week, and my fans (Mom and Gina-Maria) are probably wondering if I’ve been taken. I’m in Madrid now, having left Barcelona behind yesterday. I’m really going to miss it. It’s a great city, and I’ll be going back in 2026 with my hypothetical future family to see La Sagrada Familia as a finished product. To say goodbye I’ll give a brief recap of the final few days in pictures. We went to Monserrat, where I went last year after the dialogue and blogged about my struggles with my fear of heights. This time, I decided to branch off from the group and push myself to the limit, which resulted in this photo.  It was worth the view. IMG_0562   Then on our last night in Barcelona, our host family’s son Jordi drove Alex and I up to Mt. Tibidabo. I was excited to go there after we saw its mountain-top Ferris wheel from across the city while we were at Park Guell. Some people speculated that it was haunted and it honestly might be. I mean look at this:

That's pretty creepy.

That’s pretty creepy.

But it was well worth the drive, as we got the best view of the city possible while taking in some cervezas at a bar on the mountain. We could see Montjuic, Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia, even at night. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to Barcelona, looking out over it and pointing out all the places we visited. I’ll leave off with a picture of the view, which my iPhone unfortunately did not do justice. Until next time Barca. IMG_0571


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