Segovia Pt. 2

The first weekend in Madrid was a great one. We took a Saturday excursion to Segovia, which was my favorite place we visited last year. Something about the thousand-year-old aqueducts, the incredible views and the huge royal castle (that inspired the Disney castle, which our tour guide didn’t mention this time, amateur) really speaks to me.

There was one difference from last time though, which was that we got to try the local delicacy of suckling pig. It is a pig that is roasted before it turns 8 weeks old, and it was absolutely delicious. I even took a chunk out of the poor guy’s ear–it tasted like crunchy bacon. Some of the group wasn’t enthused, but I loved it. So did the chef, seeing our reactions as he carried around a pre-cut pig.


On Sunday, Alex and I went to a municipal pool with his friend who has been living in Madrid for a year. He clearly knows the good spots, because we were the only Americans there and it felt great to be somewhere that actual Spanish people spend their free time. We capped off the weekend by seeing Mad Max: Fury Road, which was really good but not, in my opinion, one of the best action movies of all time (looking at you, Roeper. Ebert would be ashamed).

This week will hopefully be filled with interviews for me, as I’m trying to make a couple videos while I’m here. One will be about the “chino” shops of Madrid (the stores owned by Chinese immigrants that stay open late at night) and another about the sword-makers of Toledo.


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