Toledo Pt. 2

Toledo was one of my favorite places we visited last year. It really feels like a medieval town with its high city walls, narrow winding streets and cobblestone roads. I think it’s why, when I heard my roommate Alex’s idea to do a story about a famous sword-maker in Toledo, I jumped at the chance to make a video piece along with it. I’m really glad I did.He, Maria and I went on Friday afternoon to interview him before the group excursion on Saturday. Not only was it really interesting to see and hear how he makes his swords (read the piece for specifics) but he was actually an incredibly nice and accommodating  man as well. I was so impressed I splurged a little bit and bought one of his hand-made swords. Mariano Zamorano, gracias muchisimo.


I was also pumped that on Saturday, I finally got to see the Cathedral of Toledo after our tour guide botched it and didn’t get us tickets last year. I went in alone because we missed it while asking some follow-up questions, but it was incredible. I think it was my favorite church I’ve seen while in Spain, and that’s saying something because La Sagrada Familia and the Cathedral of Salamanca are no joke. I was wandering around with my mouth open half the time, especially in the “treasure room” which had sculptures and gold pieces from centuries ago. Here are some of the pictures that really won’t do it justice. And stay tuned for the video and Alex’s piece on Zamorano and his swords.


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