Another One

I’m writing this blog on a four-hour layover in Frankfurt, about to begin a trip in Greece with a group of student journalists. This is third time in four years I’ve been lucky enough to start out my summer this way and I couldn’t be happier about it. If you are one of the literally tens hundreds of readers of this blog, you know that the past two trips were to Spain and that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. These dialogues are great because they not only allow us to experience a different culture and challenge ourselves, but they also really bring the group together. I’m actually currently living with my Barcelona homestay roommate from two years ago (a testament to Carlene’s self-proclaimed roomie-pairing abilities).

Airport. Wow what a photo.

As far as the logistics of the trip, we’ll be spending three weeks in Thessaloniki and two in Athens. I’ve been to Greece once before, on a family trip when I was in middle school. This will obviously be a completely different experience, but it’s nice to at least have a tiny bit of familiarity with the country. We also have four video cameras on this trip and an additional professor in Mike that has video and TV experience. I’m a videographer for my “normal” job so this has me very excited. As the person tasked with lugging around the 100 pound bag of equipment it has me a little less excited, but somehow I think I’ll manage to get through such an incredible hardship.


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