Wine…And F*** PAOK

Yesterday was an awesome excursion, as we got a chance to visit a Greek winery about 40 minutes from our group’s apartment. The views were incredible, it was so serene and quiet, the air just smelt better. Most importantly, the wine was delicious. We were even blessed to be on the tour with a wine snob enthusiast who chimed in with helpful remarks and plenty of affirmations that our tour guide did indeed know what he was talking about. *rolls eyes*

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After the tour, we drove to a beach nearby to hang out for a few hours. There’s nothing quite like a Mediterranean beach to make you never want to go back to Boston again. If it didn’t have the same deep house beat playing for the entire three hours we were there, it may have been the perfect place.

As far as the other part of this blog’s title, I am officially a fan of the Aris basketball team, which is one of two teams that play in Thessaloniki. One of the students, Brandon, is working on a story about the team and I’m helping shoot some video for it. On Friday, we went to a game and let me tell you: Greek fans go HARD. There was more passion in those stands than I’ve seen at pretty much any sporting event in the US. They were losing the entire game, and they were chanting and dancing and clapping for all of it. I found myself getting genuinely pissed off by the end of the game when calls weren’t going our way. (Yes I said our).

Aris basketball stadium

Some food truck sausage and “poor wine” and Coke in the background. Thanks to our guide Theo for introducing us to this drink










Part of my newfound fandom is developing my hatred for our rival, PAOK, the other team from Thessaloniki. I wore my Aris jersey for the first time at the beach, and I don’t think I imagined the dirty looks I was getting. There’s no love lost between these two teams, and all it takes is a quick walk around our neighborhood to find evidence of it. Sorry for the f-bombs, but this is my lifestyle now.


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