Take Note, Restaurants in the U.S.

A big pet peeve of mine is when people say “I love food.” Oh really? You enjoy one of the four things that is necessary to keep you alive? Same! I’ve never asked anyone to go get some food and they’ve responded “oh no thanks, I’m not really a food guy.”

But I digress. The food here is amazing. Earlier this week, we went to a ‘taverna’ called “It’s Getting Late” because our guy Theo recommended we check it out. As usual, he didn’t steer us wrong. The owner, Leonidas, was a great guy and was very apologetic that the grill wasn’t on yet because we had showed up “early” (it was 8 P.M.). The restaurant itself was also great. It had a variety of guitars on the walls that Leonidas said are regularly taken down and played by customers. Our group shared a huge amount of food, and Leonidas still brought us more on the house. He even took us down to the basement to show us where he made the restaurant’s ‘retsina,’ which is basically a light, cheap wine (think Franzia but better tasting).

Which brings me to my larger point. Restaurants back home need to step up their game. I firmly believe tip culture is ruining our collective eating experience. I don’t need Kristin checking in on my table for the fourth time, making me sputter out a noise that resembles “it’s good” as I’m eating. What I do need is a more laid back atmosphere, the ability to relax and decide when I’m done, and free desserts, which I’ve received three times here already. Let’s abolish tipping, pay our waitstaff and start doing this the right way.

Free dessert. No tip necessary.


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