Panorama is derived from the Greek words meaning “all” and “sight.” That’s what they’re meant for: taking in the whole view of something when it’s too much for your eyes or your lens to handle all at once.

This weekend we hiked Mt. Olympus, and there were many times where I felt overwhelmed by what I was seeing. While we didn’t go up to the Throne of Zeus, as they call the peak, the views and sights were still enough to to make me awestruck.

This will be my last blog from Thessaloniki, as we head for Meteora tomorrow and then on to Athens on Wednesday. I loved this city and I’ll be sad to leave its waterfront bars, delicious food and laid-back atmosphere. I’m doing a mental panorama right now, trying to take in all the sights and experiences that were had here over these past three weeks.

I became an avid Aris fan (F*** PAOK), met three Syrian refugee families and listened to their stories, got scolded at museums, learned how to properly drink wine, met the badass mayor of Thessaloniki, and most importantly got into Trois. It’s always crazy to me how the days seem so long, but the weeks fly by. I’ll leave behind this city with a series of panos (we’re fond of abbreviations on this trip) from my time here.

Mt. Olympus

View of Thessaloniki from the old city.

City Hall.

Grapes on grapes at the winery.

View from the six, aka my sixth-floor balcony.


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