The last week has been nonstop travel and I could not be happier about it. After a quick walk around Frankfurt, my mom and I headed out to Lucerne, Switzerland to start our mini-vacation. Lucerne is definitely a tourist location, which I thought was strange because I had never heard of it before my mom told me we were going there. Clearly I’m not as worldly or cultured as I think I am. There’s a reason it’s a tourist stomping ground–the whole city was walkable in a day and every part of it was impressive.

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My first impression of Switzerland was actually their money. They don’t use euros, they use Swiss francs. It’s really cool looking and colorful, and the coins make absolutely no sense. The half-franc, what is basically 50 cents, is smaller than the 10 cent coin. Why? Maybe it’s to distract you from how RIDICULOUSLY expensive everything is in Switzerland. Our cab driver today basically apologized on behalf of his country for the prices here. It’s the problem with having a good economy, he said. Nice problem to have.

I really can’t complain, though because I’m not paying for anything, my mom is Switzerland is an incredibly beautiful place. Lucerne was nice, but our trek up to the Swiss Alps blew it out of the water. I’ve seen a lot of great views in my life, but I was consistently awestruck walking by the snow peaks of the Alps. We stayed in the small town of Murren, 5,000 feet up in the mountains. If you’ve read my blog or been around me in high-up places, you know my battle with butt tingles. It’s an uncontrollable reaction I have to heights. It’s not fear (it probably is) it’s just an uncomfortable feeling that I have to live with. Butt trust me, it was well worth it for the experiences I got this week.

Yesterday, we took a cable car up to a peak and hiked 4,000 feet back down to the town, Wengen, that we left from. That hike was equal parts fun, tiring and completely zen. Everything was quiet, the weather was perfect, and the fields of flowers surrounding us contrasted with the giant snowy masses around them took my breath away more than the altitude did. My mom definitely enjoyed herself and I could tell because she was taking photos of everything. Literally. She stopped for five minutes trying to get a photo of a singular butterfly. It flew away and she called it something I can’t repeat here. Here’s another slideshow.

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The views during that hike were unbelievable. Pictures really don’t do the scale of the mountains justice. We kept saying that it looked painted on, and it really does. It looks like a trick that Wiley Coyote tries to pull on the Roadrunner. You keep expecting to run into the wall but you never do. I took some time-lapses of clouds around the mountains, and I think those do a decent job of showing just how small they make you feel. Check them out.


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