I can’t stop getting yelled at during museum tours

I’m 24 years old and in the past week I have twice been scolded like a toddler. Right now I am two-for-two in being verbally eviscerated by museum staff here in Greece. The first tour was at the archaeological museum in downtown Thessaloniki. I’ll be frank here: I was bored. I don’t know why, but this museum just wasn’t keeping my interest. I’m not above museums and usually I really enjoy them…not this time.

So, I was entertaining myself by using Snapchat to put copies of Brandon’s face on a row of statues. Objectively, it was hilarious. I was laughing, we were all laughing, the security woman was not laughing. She came up and explained that this was not a joke, it was history. I apologized and I legitimately felt bad. It was disrespectful. I even went back about ten minutes later and talked with her for a while to smooth things over. Lesson learned, right?

I think deep down even she would admit that’s kinda funny.

Nope. Yesterday we traveled to Vergina to visit the museum that holds King Phillip’s (Alexander the Great’s dad) tomb. Unlike the other museum, it was really interesting to me. I was so interested that I decided to take a photo of one of the tombs…MISTAKE. Apparently I had missed other members of our group being chastised for taking a photo earlier in the tour.

The infamous photo.

I snapped the photo, with flash, in a very dark room. Sidenote: if I had known not to take photos, would I have used the flash? You be the judge. Out of nowhere, a museum staffer descended on me like a shrieking banshee. “I TOLD YOU NO PHOTOS THIS IS SECOND TIME!!!”

“Uh…um, well, not me personally,” is the best I could come up with, shocked that I was again being verbally bent over and spanked for misbehaving. I almost got our entire group kicked out of the museum. The kids call this “taking an L.” The L’s continued when we went over to Veroia, a small town nearby with great views.

Anxious to not miss any sights there, a group of us entered a restaurant with no one in it and had some of the worst food I’ve had not only on this trip but maybe this calendar year. If you see the below restaurant in your travels someday…run away. Here’s to less L’s and more W’s in the future.


Suma summing up our dining experience.


2 thoughts on “I can’t stop getting yelled at during museum tours

  1. Gina-Maria Garcia says:

    Lol! You need me there to get away with this kinda stuff. Remember when I got us into a government building with no government access or personal identification?! Hahaha

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